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Brook, Ed


Office:  130 Wilkinson Hall
Phone:  541.737.8197
Fax:      541.737.1200
Email:   brooke@geo.oregonstate.edu

Paleoclimatology, geochemistry

Research Interests:

Ice core trace gas records, cosmogenic isotopes, extraterrestrial dust

Research Group Web Site: OSU Ice Core and Quaternary Geochemistry Lab


B.S. Geology
Duke University, 1985
M.S. Geology
University of Montana, 1988
Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography
MIT/Woods Hole Joint Program, 1993


GEO 203 - Evolution of Planet Earth 
GEO 409 - Contemporary Earth Science Issues
GEO 486/586 - Quaternary Paleoclimatology
GEO 599 - Topics in Biogeochemistry

Recent Publications

(See research group web site for more publications)

Mitchell, L., E. Brook, T. Sowers, and J. McConnell, 2011, Multidecadal variability of atmospheric methane, 1000-1800 C.E, Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 116, G02007, doi:10.1029/2010JG001441, 2011.

Brook, E. and J. Severinghaus, 2011, Correspondence: Methane and megafuana, Nature Geosciences, 4 271-272.  

Ahn, J. and E. Brook, 2008, Atmospheric CO2 and Climate on Millennial Time Scales During the Last Glacial Period, Science 322, doi: 10.1126/science.1160832.

Brook, E., M. Kurz, and J. Curtice, 2009, Flux and size fractionation of 3He in interplanetary dust from Antarctic ice core samples, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 286, 565-569.

Brook, E., 2009, Atmospheric carbon footprints, Nature Geosciences 2, 170-127. Liu, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, F. He, E. C. Brady, R. Tomas, P. U. Clark, A. E. Carlson, J. Lynch-Stieglitz, W. Curry, E. Brook, D. Erickson, R. Jacob, J. Kutzbach, and J. Cheng, Transient Simulation of Last Deglaciation with a New Mechanism for Bølling-Allerød Warming, Science 325, 310-314 [DOI: 10.1126/science.1171041].

Severinghuas, J., R. Beaudette, M. Headly, K. Taylor, and E. Brook, 2009, Oxygen-18 of O2 records the impact of abrupt change on the terrestrial biosphere, Science 324, 5933.

Petrenko, V. V., A. M. Smith, E. J. Brook, D. Lowe, K. Riedel, G. Brailsford, Q. Hua, H. Schaefer, N. Reeh, R. F Weiss, D. Etheridge and J. P. Severinghaus, 2009, 14CH4 measurements in Greenland ice: investigating last glacial termination CH4 sources, Science 324, 506-508.

Grachev, A., E. Brook, J. Severinghaus, and N. Pisias, 2009, Relative timing and variability of atmospheric methane and GISP2 oxygen isotopes between 68 and 86 ka, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 23, GB2009, doi:10.1029/2008GB003330, 2009.

Brook, E.J., 2008, Windows on the greenhouse, Nature 453, 291-292.

Petrenko, V.V., J.P. Severinghaus, E.J. Brook, J. Mühle, M. Headly, C.M. Harth, H. Schaefer, N. Reeh, R.F. Weiss, D. Lowe, and A.M. Smith, 2008. A novel method for obtaining very large ancient air samples for analyses of methane radiocarbon, Journal of Glaciology, 54, 185, 233-244.

Goehring, B., E.J. Brook, H. Linge, G.M. Raisbeck and F. Yiou, 2008. Beryllium-10 exposure ages of erratic boulders in southern Norway and implications for the history of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet, Quaternary Science Reviews 27, 320-336.

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